Your skin is the largest organ of your body and deserves to be treated with care. In order to keep your skin elastic, smooth and moisturized try one of our name brand tanning lotions on your next visit. We carry Swedish Beauty, Australian Gold, JWOW, California Tan, and Designer Skin and more of your favourite products. They will leave your skin feeling as smooth as silk.

Why Use tanning Lotions?

  • You will tan faster and darker if you use tanning lotions.
  • The tanning process begins as soon as you apply your lotion.
  • Lotions are designed with skincare in mind.
  • Your tan will last longer and look healthier.
  • Tanning without lotion depletes the skin of moisture.
  • Your skin will tan evenly with our professionally created lotions.

so many Lotions to Choose From!

This is not your mama’s suntan oil! The lotions we offer at Sunset Tan are exclusively formulated to maximize your results while tanning indoors. We specialize in hypoallergenic lotions for sensitive skin. We also offer botanical lines, which are made from 95% natural organic ingredients—including paraben-free lotions! Finally, you have a variety of options to choose from.

tanning lotions will boost your colour and make it last longer







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Bronzers are tanning lotions that give you a nice even skin tone, making your tan look more brown or bronze.


Tanning lotions that are great for beginners, accelerators help increase the efficiency of every tanning session.


These tanning lotions help lock in the colour and glow of your tan for longer-lasting results.

Which Type of Tanning Lotion Is Best for Me?

Not sure whether you need a bronzer or accelerator? No worries. Our specially trained sales consultants are tanning lotion gurus and can help you find the right product for your skin type and tanning goals. So stop by and let them know your skin care goals and sensitivities and they will recommend our best products to you.


We offer Packette sized samples of almost all our products so that you can have the ease of trying out the lotions before buying your bottle. You’ll instantly fall in love with one of our brands and truly appreciate what each lotion has to offer. So love the skin you’re in and buy your sample packette today.