DID YOU KNOW that in the absence of tanning lotion up to 70% of the UV light reflects off your skin? So don't ever go without a tanning lotion.

tanning lotions

This is not your mama’s suntan oil! The lotions we offer at Sunset Tan are exclusively formulated to maximize your results while tanning indoors. We specialize in hypoallergenic lotions for sensitive skin. We also offer botanical lines, which are made from 95% natural organic ingredients—including paraben-free lotions!

The compounds found in our lotions are created using bold ingredients that will replenish any moisture and nutrients depleted during the tanning process. Purchase a separate moisturizing product in order to maintain an even, rich colour between sessions. Holding onto that gorgeous glow is easy, simply moisturize daily and always tan with the lotion of your choice.

tanning lotionsWhy Use a Tanning Lotion?

  • You will tan faster and darker if you do.
  • Your tan will last longer and look healthier.
  • Tanning without lotion depletes the skin of moisture.
  • So Many Tanning Lotions to Choose From.

Our Salon has an array of lotions and products!

We carry a variety of products here at Sunset Tan because we want to offer you choices when you shop with us. Our products range from bronzers to intensifiers to tinglers. We cater to every skin care need and price point. 

Which Type of Tanning Lotion Is Best for Me?

Not sure whether you need a bronzer or accelerator? No worries. Our specially trained sales consultants are tanning lotion gurus and can help you find the right product for your skin type and tanning goals.


Bronzers give a nice even skin tone, making your tan look more brown or bronze.


Great for beginners, accelerators help increase the efficiency of every tanning session.


A tingle increases circulation which causes a tingling sensation. Perfect for the advanced tanner, as it breaks through your plateau.


These products help lock in the colour and glow of your tan for longer-lasting results.

Our knowledgeable staff will suggest products based on your skin's sensitivity and tanning goals. They are attentive and patient in the process of finding the perfect fit for you. If you crave a deep tone we have multiple bronzers that you can sample. If your skin is sensitive you can try our hypoallergenic products that have natural ingredients and little to no scent. Love the skin you're in.

Another great thing about tanning lotion is it can be used indoors or outdoors. Always use SPF when tanning outdoors to protect your skin. When you use our lotion your tan will appear darker and last longer. As a result, you need fewer tanning sessions to achieve and maintain your stunning glow. How could it get any better than that?

Try our popular Australian Gold, Swedish BeautyDesigner Skin.

"When I tried Reputation, I instantly fell in love. The results were extremely noticeable. It is a plateau breaking lotion, so if you don't find you're getting darker, this is the lotion for you!"   - Jess

USER TIP: Rub in circular motions to ensure an even tan. 

"Australian Gold's Hemp Nation is hands down the best tan extender around. It doubles up as a moisturizer while locking in the life of your UV or Spray Tan. It stands up to the long Canadian winters, yet is absorbent enough for the hot, sunny days."    - Julie