Tanning Bed Basics. Which Bed is Best For You and Your Tanning Goals?

If you’re a first-time tanner or even an avid veteran, you may be confused about all the options when it comes to a tanning bed. Do you stand up or lay down? Do you go for low or high pressure? Does a lotion even help the tanning process? To help you answer these questions I’ve outlined the basics of each of our tanning beds here at Sunset Tan Mississauga.

stand up tanning bedStand up or Lay down Tanning Bed?

stand up tanning bedWhen you visit our salon you will be asked whether you prefer a stand-up or lay down tanning bed. Don’t worry you can always alternate from one tanning bed to another. I personally believe the best way to gain all the benefits of a tanning bed, is to switch from lay down to stand up.

The benefits of stand up beds are countless. There’s more space to move, which is a dream for those who experience claustrophobia. You are also more likely to get all your body parts tanned because adjusting your position is much easier in a stand-up tanning bed, ie: the armpits, and the smiles below your bum. Pressure points are the places on your body that make significant contact with a lay down tanning bed, and the UV rays will penetrate differently than everywhere else, but will be eliminated when using a stand-up booth. Get into all your nooks and crannies with our refurbished Royal Sun Focus or our brand new Sun Select Ergoline. Our Sun Select stand up bed allows you to tan in a shorter amount of time so you can see results quickly.

lay down tanning bedOn the other hand, a lay down bed is relaxing and gives you the chance to refresh and rejuvenate. Even though a lay down can cause pressure points, you can avoid this by changing your position throughout your tan, or switching back and forth from a laydown to a stand-up. We have laydown beds in all three levels SILVER,
GOLD and PLATINUM packages. 

High Pressure or Low?

Our salon is made up of mostly Low Pressure beds which emit mostly UVB rays. These are the rays responsible for producing Vitamin D, which is vital in Canada during the long, cold winters. Your tan in a UVB bed will take a little longer to develop but will be worth the wait. Our High Pressure bed (consisting mostly of UVA high pressure tanning bedrays) is called the Chilli Power and if you want a bronzing bed, this one is for you. It can feel hotter than our low pressure beds, but will give you an instant tan, plus you will only have to tan once or twice per week. I always recommend getting the best of both worlds by alternating from High to Low pressure beds. You wouldn’t want to miss out on your dose of Vitamin D.

Why use a lotion?

Now some people may opt to go without a lotion, but it will zap their skin of moisture and they will not get their desired tan. Without a lotion your skin will reflect up to 75% of the UV rays that your chosen tanning bed offers, plus the longevity of your glow will be compromised. So whether you want to go for an Australian Gold, Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty or California Tan lotion or packette, you will be honouring your tanning process by adding hydration and making the smarter choice.

So if you have an event coming up, want a little colour or want a base tan for a much needed vacation you definitely don’t want to wait til it’s too late to develop a gorgeous tan with an amazing lotion, visit us todayat 5700 Mavis Rd, Mississauga or call 905 890 2400 for more information on our beds, pricing and lotions. 

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