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When you’re passionate about what you do, people definitely take notice. Here are just a few of the testimonials we’ve received from our satisfied customers about their tan. 

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A Spa Experience without an Expensive Price Tag

I live in the area and have been coming to Sunset Tan for a number of years now, and I love the experience there. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, taking the time to get to know me and what it is I am looking for. Not to mention the hydration station! It’s a spa experience without an expensive price tag. The salon is always immaculate, and I would not dream of going anywhere else to tan.


Immediate and Reliable Results

Sunset Tan is by far the most impressive tanning salon I have ever been to! The want to maintain a beautiful summer glow all year-round has left me trying out almost every salon and lotion alike! I highly recommend Sunset Tan to anyone. A little bit about my phenomenal first impression with the company:

I had an event to attend this past weekend, and left no time to prepare, I needed immediate and reliable results. So I called the salon, and received a personalized walkthrough of my appointment I had later that evening. I have always been extremely apprehensive about spray tans because I do tend to have sensitive skin when it comes to topical products. My colour came out gorgeous and the customer service was amazing. 2 thumbs up.

The staff recommended me to try the “triple dip” for my special occasion.

Ladies, and gentlemen alike, what a spa experience!! You would not think you would get something like this from a tanning salon. The first portion of the triple dip was 15 minutes of pure relaxation in their steam massage bed. This bed should be reason enough to visit the salon! So incredible. This is the perfect gift for someone! Before I left I had to buy gift certificates for my girlfriends.

After that, I had 10 minutes of tanning in their platinum laydown bed. Their beds are European and give such high quality results. I have no idea what it is, but my skin was golden!

Finally, the last portion of the triple dip was the spray tan itself. So not only do they have that steam massage bed, but they offer two different types of spray tans! One is from a machine that sprays out the colour onto you and the alternate method is an airbrush-where the staff member actually sprays you with the product. I chose to do the airbrush method as I found it to sound more personalized.

The results were amazing

Now of course, the actual results. My skin never felt better! The combination of everything left my skin feeling and looking like glowing velvet! The airbrush formula did not irritate me at all and it left me with such a beautiful colour that lasted ten days! I have never had a spray tan last that long. They also offer a regimen to lengthen the life of your spray tan; I will be for sure picking that up my next visit. Nothing at all irritated my sensitive skin. It felt soothed, and silky smooth long after my visit. The staff also picked a set of personalized tanning lotions, just for my skin type and needs!

Bottom line, this salon is highly recommended. I felt like a celebrity the entire time. The staff is impeccable, and the products and services are high quality, but not high priced. Best tanning salon out there!

—Lucy K.

Beautiful and Very Natural Looking Tan

I have very much enjoyed the hydration station at Sunset Tan. So in just 15 to 20 minutes I feel like I have had a full body massage, a cleansing steam sauna, and a moisturizing body wrap. I highly recommend it. And just to complete the whole effect, the spray tan is beautiful and very natural looking.


Keeps My Psoriasis Under Control

I’ve been using your salon for about 3 years now and wanted to let you know that every time I visit I have such a great experience. The salon staff are always well informed and many know me by name, your facilities have always been perfectly clean and well taken of; the new décor is amazing, so relaxing and spa like! I use tanning beds not only to relax and enjoy the feeling of summer all year long, but also as it keeps my psoriasis under control which means that even when I don’t need a tan, I will always use a tanning salon, and I won’t go anywhere else but Sunset Tan to do that!


The Best Place to Keep Your Summer Tan!

I’ve been a client of Sunset Tan for nearly 5 years. I use a tanning bed to keep a minor skin condition under control and I’ve tried many places over the years; since finding Sunset Tan I’ve been a loyal client. The rooms and beds are always spotless and the spa like decor makes me feel relaxed and welcome. They have the top of the line tanning beds, as well the most amazing Hydration Station which is like your very own personal sauna and masseuse built into one! I highly recommend them to everyone I know.

—Nicola G., Brampton

Great Customer Service Still Matters

I’ve been a customer of Sunset Tan for 3 years. The place is always immaculate, staff is always knowledgeable and products are first rate. More a spa than a tanning salon in my view. It’s nice to see a small business that has not forgotten the basic maxim that “great customer service still matters!” An excellent experience.

—Peter, Oakville

Thank You for a Very Pleasant First Experience!

I didn’t have particularly high expectations for my first trip to a tanning salon, not knowing what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised to find a fresh, clean environment with knowledgeable staff. They took the time to explain their equipment and I felt assured that based on our conversation on my skin type the care was taken to assure my first visit was a pleasant one. Thank you for a very pleasant first experience!

—Julie, Mississauga

I Can’t Imagine Putting My Money into Any Other Salon

I’ve been an avid ‘tanner’ for many years now and it’s taken me many years to find a salon that I feel comfortable in that is impeccably clean, very welcoming and has high end, really worth-the-money beds…which is exactly what I’ve found at Sunset Tan. It’s a good feeling to walk into the salon and have the girls already know my name and what my tanning preference is. As long as Sunset Tan is around I can’t imagine putting my money into any other salon and taking my chances on any other beds that wouldn’t be nearly as good as the beds at Sunset.

—Sandy, Mississauga

Gave Me the Tan I Was Looking For

Being in the modeling industry, I need a tan that can look very natural and last long. I have never had a colour I was pleased with until I started tanning at Sunset Tan. The help I got from the people working there really gave me the tan I was looking for. I also love the fact that it has always been very clean and tidy. To me that is very important when I go tanning. I would definitely recommend this tanning salon to anyone!

—Pat, Brampton

My Experience Has Always Been Exceptional

This letter is to rave about the friendly service from your staff. I called to book a spray tan; your staff was down-to-earth and so incredibly pleasant and patient. I participate in bodybuilding competitions and the spray that I get from your salon comes out so beautiful. I’m always so happy with the results when I leave. I was extremely impressed by your staff’s maturity and amazing people skills. For the 3 years I’ve been a customer with Sunset Tan, my experience has always been exceptional and this is one of the reasons why I travel from Markham and keep returning. Thanks again!

—Tina, Mississauga

A Very Efficient and Affordable Way to Recharge

The Hydration Station is like spending a whole day in a spa that only takes a half-hour. I’m a busy guy, and there’s no way I can take a “spa-day”, but I’m also overworked and stressed out and I need a little something for the effort. This is the ultimate solution. I get the Royal Treatment and feel like I just had a vacation, and when you factor in how much time I save, this is a very efficient and affordable way to recharge.

— An Engineer, 48, Mississauga