Tanning Lotion? 10 Reasons Why You Always Need To Use One.

I was chatting with a friend from out of town and she told me all about her indoor tanning routine. She explained how she never uses a tanning lotion under the moisture-zapping UV lights. I cringed as she shared her frustrations. She was confused at the fact that her skin was so dry, and her tan was developing so slowly and unevenly. Of course being the owner of a tanning salon I jumped right in. I said, “Girlfriend, you are wasting your money and aging your skin if you go without a lotion.” Her jaw dropped and I saw I had her undivided attention.

I told her that tanning in a UV bed without a tanning lotion is something every tanner should avoid like the plague. First of all, you’ve invested your hard earned money into purchasing a package or tanning minutes, so to get the best bang for your buck, to prolong plus deepen your tan, and protect your silky skin, you must use a tanning lotion of some sort. There are always many options for your tanning goals, skin type, and bank account. 

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10 benefits of using a tanning lotion

  1. 30%-50% of UV light will be absorbed when using a lotion. Without one up to 70% of the rays are reflected. 
  2. The tanning process begins within seconds of applying the lotion, without one it could take up to 3 minutes after the UV bed starts. So essentially you are wasting 3 minutes each time you tan dry.
  3. Tanning lotions help moisturize your skin. Dry skin ages faster, plus your tan depletes quicker without moisture. It becomes a vicious cycle trying to maintain your bronzed glow.
  4. Tanning lotion helps even out skin tone. It provides an even canvas for the UV rays to penetrate.
  5. Our specially formulated tanning lotions are packed with anti-aging skin care ingredients specifically for your skin type. You can tighten and tone, protect your tattoos and nourish your skin all in one shot.
  6. Up your game with a facial tanning lotion. It is lightweight and is fierce in combatting the effects of gravity.
  7. You will tan less frequently, and for shorter durations when you use a tanning lotion.
  8. Prolong and deepen your tan with an intensifier, natural bronzer, dark bronzer or a tingle. Just ask your tanning expert what would work best for you.
  9. Did you know that you can use your tanning lotion indoors and outdoors? Simply apply SPF over your lotion when outside. NEVER use SPF, OIL OR PETROLEUM BASED PRODUCTS in a UV bed, it will damage your skin and the salon equipment.
  10. Boost your mood with the scent and feel of a gorgeous lotion.

After I explained the benefits of a tanning lotion to my BFF, she asked me what the differences between the lotions were. This is what I told her.

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What are the differences between the types of tanning lotions?

Intensifier – Contains melanin boosters that work naturally with your skin tone. Perfect for beginners or clients that prefer a lotion without bronzers.

Natural Bronzer – Contains much less cosmetic bronzing power than a dark bronzer so it won’t stain your hands and boosts your glow instantly. Great for fair clients too.

Dark Bronzer – This bronzer contains cosmetic properties that allow instant and sometimes delayed colour that compliments the tanning process. Wash your hands after applying a dark bronzer. Best for clients who have built up a base tan using an Intensifier or Natural Bronzer.

White Bronzer – Has absolutely no instant bronzer so it will not transfer onto clothing. It is packed with DHA which is a delayed tanning ingredient that ensures a dark colour despite the term “White” Bronzer. Definitely wash your hand after applying a white bronzer.

Tingle – Increases micro-circulation of the top layer of skin, increasing oxidation to create a deeper colour. This lotion is for the advanced tanner and will cause a red, itchy feeling for a few hours after application. Never apply to your face.

So,  after validating to my friend all the things she was never told, she realized it was a no-brainer to use a tanning lotion at every session. Even when she was outdoors. Her update to me is that she is visiting her tanning salon less frequently. She has also fallen in love with Black Legacy from Designer Skin and has noticed her skin is looking younger than ever before. I’m so glad I was able to help her, and I’m looking forward to helping you with your tanning lotion purchase too. Visit Sunset Tan in Mississauga or Barrie today to learn about all our tanning lotion options. 

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