Jessica Miller has been with Sunset Tan since 2017. She’s a fan of tingle lotions and our Platinum lay down ergoline bed. She is a huge “Friends” addict and can quote or reference almost any situation back to her favourite tv show. She enjoys reality tv, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music and in her spare time works her own Scentsy business.  Jessica is also a certified event planner and loves themed parties.

Emma Henley has worked in the customer service industry for many years and is a recent graduate from Humber College becoming a certified Interior Decorator. With her passion for Home Staging and making clients interior dreams come true she is excited to see what the future holds for her! For more information regarding Emma’s services:

Emma’s favourite machine to use at Sunset Tan is the Mystic Tan. The quickest and easiest way to achieve that golden glow everyone strives for, with 3 colour levels to choose from and results within 8 hours, how can you resist? Let me help you find your perfect match today!

Julie Kerr has been co-managing Sunset Tan Mississauga since May 2017. She spent 12 years in the fitness industry and still is passionate about Hot Yoga and Dancing. Working with the clients and staff at Sunset Tan has been an amazing experience for her and she is always so impressed with how happy the customers are. She adores the Hemp Nation Tan Extenders and is excited that Red Light Therapy is coming to  Sunset Tan Mississauga. 


Sarah Smith is currently the manager of Sunset Tan Barrie and has been in the tanning industry for 5 years. She loves working with people and getting to know clients on a personal level. When she’s not working she loves to go to the gym and hang out with family and friends. She also has a passion for animals and hopes one day to have her own little sanctuary.


Rachel Smith is originally from Barrie Ontario and just recently graduated from college for massage therapy. She is currently in the process of getting registered! She’s worked in the tanning industry for 2 years and loves the environment. On her free time, she is passionate about going to the gym and loves helping others achieve their goals.


Melissa Vanzant is from Barrie Ontario and recently just graduated from teacher’s college and is in the process of doing her masters. She has been in the tanning industry for over 3 years now and loves to interact with the clients and get to know them personally. On her free time, she loves being with friends and family. She also adores reading and a good TV show.


Jessica Boose is from Barrie Ontario and graduated school as a registered esthetician. She has been in the tanning industry for over 4 years and loves the people she works with and the clients she serves. On her free time she volunteers for search and rescue and she hopes one day to get a career in that field. She also loves going out on the boat and spending time with friends and family.


Kara Wiggins is from Thornton Ontario and is currently attending school to become a makeup artist. She has been in the tanning industry for over a year now and she loves her job. When she’s not at work or school she loves reading books and hopes to write one of her own.


Danielle Dykstra is from Barrie Ontario and recently graduated from policing school. She has been in the tanning industry just under a month and loves the environment. When she’s not at work she spends her free time training at the gym to be a police officer. She also loves being with her friends and family.