Red Light Therapy is a process where low-power red light wavelengths are emitted directly through the skin. This light cannot be felt and isn’t painful because it doesn’t produce any heat.

This up and coming therapy treatment is a service that Sunset Tan Barrie is proud to be offering, and our brand new Red Light Therapy bed has the ability to heal and minimize blemishes, skin discolouration and wrinkles. What's even more exciting is it has a vibration setting that promotes weight loss and reduces cellulite. It's toning abilities will help you get bathing suit ready for the summer, and when you add one of the Red Light Lotions to the mix you will enhance and speed up the results. I'd recommend a red light treatment, a relaxing tan, then a cocoon wellness session to top it all off.  

Red Light Therapy has so many benefits and our clients are already sharing their astounding results with their friends. With your package, you'll get amazing anti-aging benefits plus improved self-confidence. 


Minimizing Wrinkles, Skin Discoloration, Stretch Marks & Cellulite

Treating symptoms of Joint Pain or Osteoarthritis

Relieving Muscle Pain, Tears & Sprains

Improves Digestion & Circulation

Decreasing Anxiety & Depression

Healing Wounds, Scars & Acne

Weight Loss



Using a Lotion with your RED LIGHT session will enhance and prolong the results. Our products are high end and cater to all skin types. Ask our associates about your options and they will be happy to personalize your purchases based on your goals and sensitivities. You won't be disappointed.